Jan 28, 2010

Etsy Spotlight: WhimsyCouture

Welcome to our very 1st Etsy Spotlight! I'm really excited about the first seller - she is so talented! She runs a shop selling patterns to make adorable clothes for children and adults - and I saw more than clothes too. I'm talking boots, mittens, and a ton of other things. Denise, from Whimsy Couture has not only offered to answer some questions for us, but as you'll see at the end of this post, she has generously offered something exclusively for 2 Lil Muffins readers! Here's a little more about Denise...

How do you create these patterns, and what is the inspiration?

Since I started sewing a long time ago it comes natural to me to work with all kinds of patterns and get frustrated sometimes about how confusing some of the commercial ones are. I started learing to make patterns from a pattern-making course! I got interesting insights in all of this and did my part to learn the necessary things to actually start making patterns.

I measure a lot, I compare a lot and I sew a lot until a pattern "sits" right! Then I have wonderful pattern testers that give me the last needed OKAY so I feel confident offering them to the public. My inspiration lays in all things around me, my kids, the nature, the wonderful fabric that's available!

Is this something you do in your spare time or are you able to devote all of your time to creating beautiful patterns?

It started taking up my spare time and evolved to a (almost) full time job. Luckily my family is very supportive and enjoys seing my creations and what my customers make with my patterns.

Tell us a little about your family and where you live!

I try to keep my family very private but so much I will share: I have 2 kids under the age of 6 and a wonderful husband and dog who all need to be there for me to function just right! We live in the outskirts of Washington D.C. and love it!

So what is the coolest thing about Whimsy Couture patterns?

Well, my customers say that they are easy to read and to use. That my pictures are very helpful and the fit is great! Thank you, customers!

So, a novice (like me - haha) could create the clothing from these patterns, then?

Most of my patterns are very easy to follow and a novice sewer will be able to achieve a pretty garment with a little effort. Some patterns are a little more detailed and it would be helpful if the sewer has already gained some experience in that area.

What's your favorite of all of your patterns?

I don't have a favorite but I do like kids clothing patterns the best since I sew for my little ones a lot!

How long have you been creating patterns?

Since about 1 year! Before that I offered custom clothing for kids which I started doing again. I love sewing and I guess I just can't get enough. ;)

I can't believe how talented this woman is. Be sure to visit her shop and check out the great things you can make - like the Mommy and Me Pillowcase Tops or the Boys adorable pants. If you like to sew, this is going to be your new favorite shop! And now, Denise has a great deal for 2 Lil Muffins readers...

**************ETSY SPOTLIGHT EXCLUSIVE OFFER****************

From now until February 4, 2010 all 2 Lil Muffins readers can BUY 2 GET 1 FREE at Whimsy Couture's shop. Just purchase two patterns at regular price and you get one of equal or lesser value free. Just mention this blog and the free offer at the time of checkout and Denise will take care of you! Also, be sure to follow her blog so you can receive exclusive deals and discounts there too. Tell her I sent you over.

Thank you to Denise for being wonderful enough to answer all of my questions and to offer such a great deal to you guys! We love comments, so let us know what you think about the shop - which patterns do you love and what would you like to see more of? Also, stay tuned for next week's Etsy Spotlight when I'll bring you into another great Etsy shop. In the meantime, check out the current giveaways.

Jan 27, 2010

12 Streusel Topped Blueberry Muffin Giveaway from HomeBakery on Etsy (CLOSED)

Oh boy - do I have a real treat for you guys! I really love home-baked snacks, whether it's chewy and fresh cookies or gooey and delicious cupcakes. Nothing is better than homemade, but I'd be lying if I said I had the time to make these kinds of goodies from scratch all the time. I know a lot of you don't have the time, either.

That's why when I saw this Etsy shop, I was amazed. They create some of the most delicious treats on the planet for the best prices!

The Home Bakery is a family-owned and operated online bakery. The best part about them is that they grow a lot of their own food - organically and with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Their eggs are local, from a cage-free, vegetarian-fed chicken ranch, and their milk is USDA certified organic from pasture-raised cows. They use unbleached flours and fresh herbs grown right in their yard!

The Home Bakery also specializes in custom orders - they have a whole list of ingredients that you can have added in your order - and you get 2 add-ins free! So, if you can dream up a snack, chances are, they can make it for you. If you own a cafe or restaurant, the Home Bakery would love to provide you with their delicious snacks on a wholesale basis - they offer volume discounts as well.

My real weakness is blueberry muffins - how'd you guess?! That's why I'm thrilled to tell you that the HomeBakery team on Etsy (Joe, Kris, TJ and Elise) have offered up 12...yes, 12 delicious Streusel-Topped Blueberry Muffins for one of my lucky readers to win! MMMM!

How to Enter: Follow this blog and visit HomeBakery on Etsy and browse through their mouth-watering goodies, then come back here and tell me what you'd most like to try! You must be following this blog publicly!

UPDATE: Please, please make sure you're following this blog or your entry doesn't count!

Extra Entries

  • Favorite HomeBakery's Etsy shop. (2 extra entries)
  • Purchase anything from HomeBakery's shop. (10 extra entries) CHECK OUT THOSE low prices!!!
  • Refer your friends to 2 Lil Muffins. Have them follow and leave your email address (as well as theirs) in their comments. (3 extra entries for every friend that follows publicly.)
  • Enter any of the giveaways over at ChampagneWisdom and then let me know which ones you entered. (2 extra entries)
The contest will end Feb. 4 at 8pm EST and the winner will be chosen by Random.org. Please remember to leave your email address in your comments if your profile isn't public. Good luck guys!

Jan 25, 2010

Etsy Spotlights

Etsy sellers are so willing to do giveaways and give discounts for blog readers - they've been absolutely wonderful to me! The best way I can think of to thank them is to get their shop information out there - and of course, buy handmade. That's why I'm thinking of starting the 'Etsy Spotlight' here on 2 Lil Muffins. This is where I'll choose a different shop each week and tell you guys about the products, the artists, etc.

I'd like to know if this is something you guys would appreciate and enjoy - because after all, if no one's going to read it, it will be useless, right? So, let me know what you think! If you guys like the idea, I'll start this week! Leave me a comment and give me your thoughts...

Jan 24, 2010

Valentine's Day Lovey Dovey Movie Contest (CLOSED)

I am a complete sucker for romance movies, or as Mr. Muffin says, 'chick flicks.' I adore the moments when you think the couple just isn't going to make it...only to find out that love will persevere no matter what! I live for a happy ending, and romance movies - whether they're comical, dramatic, or somewhere in between - are my absolute favorite. That's why I thought a Valentine's Day Lovey Dovey Movie Contest would be really fun! First, let's take a look at what the winner will receive:

This memory wire bracelet features red, black and clear glass beads, with dangling red hearts at both ends! It's a really pretty bracelet that you can keep for yourself or give to someone you care for as a Valentine's present! Here's another look:

So - how do we play? Here are the rules.

I'm going to give you hints for my TOP 5 FAVORITE lovey dovey movies. The first person to guess ALL the movies correctly wins the bracelet! Every other day, I'll add more hints if no one has guessed correctly. Obviously, we have to end the contest in time for the winner to get the bracelet, so if I'm a really BAD hint giver and no one guesses before February 3, I'll use Random.org to choose a winner!

Put your guesses all in 1 comment, please! You can guess DIFFERENT movies and leave more than one comment, but please have all 5 movie guesses in one comment. Also, it's not mandatory to follow my blog or do anything extra, but if you don't follow my blog or follow me on twitter, please do so now!! Include an email address in your comments if it's not in your profile, so I can contact you if you win! This contest is for US and Canadian residents only! HERE WE GO!


1. The handsome hunk in this movie has a southern accent that is irresistible...and a few minutes into the movie, his leading lady has an accent to match! Think lightning bugs...

2. What is more romantic than poetry? The gorgeous man in this movie loves poetry! In fact, as a child he read poetry out loud to get over his 'stammer.' Think birds with this one...

3. We're probably ALL familiar with the story, but this movie does things a little differently. Sure, some of the lines are the same, but everything else has been modernized. Think guns instead of swords...

4. In this movie, the goal at the beginning is not to FIND love, but to scare it away - at least for the pretty lady, anyway. Too bad love won't take no for an answer. Think house plants and tissues *giggle*...

5. Ok - this one is my current favorite lovey dovey movie. It could be because this one is probably based on a true story, or so we think. Also, the leading actor is completely and totally SCRUMPTIOUS. Did I mention that in real life he has a Scottish accent, which is HOT??? The movie is about one of my absolute favorite women of all time, although she was dead long before I was born. Think books with this one...

That's it! Good luck guys. Feel free to tell me YOUR favorite lovey dovey movies too!

UPDATE: As soon as someone gets the right answer, I'll close comments so you'll know. Otherwise, assume the contest is still going!!

UPDATE #2: WOW - that was super fast! We have a winner...the answers were:

1. Sweet Home Alabama
2. The Notebook
3. Romeo + Juliet
4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
5. Becoming Jane

Congratulations Marci! I'll send an email just to make sure you know you won - and of course, you'll have 48 hours to respond with a mailing address. This contest was FUN - I am going to have to think of another, harder one!!!

XO Brand Jewelry Making Kit Winner!

Time to choose another winner here at 2 lil muffins! This time, the winner will receive the XO brand jewelry making kit from ImJewelee on Etsy! These are absolutely GORGEOUS jewelry making supplies - the lucky winner is...
Congratulations!! See the winning comment below:

Ann On and On... said... 50

I commented on your Super Woman post...I really enjoyed it! amerskine@hotmail.com

The winner has been emailed and has 48 hours to respond with mailing address or a new winner will be chosen. This one was so much fun - expect some GREAT new giveaways soon!