Aug 20, 2010

Funny Friday #1

It might make me a terrible mother, but when my kids were smaller, I loved hearing them mess words up. In fact, it was very difficult for me to correct them because they sounded so darn cute.

For instance, when my son wanted to say 'basketball,' it came out 'spacketball.' Or, 'balloons' were 'abloons.'

When we were teaching him about 'clocks,' he somehow made it come out sounding like 'fuck.' We'd say, "Where's the clock?" and he would point excitedly at the clock on the wall, shouting, "Fuck, fuck!" We'd point to the numbers for him and count them out - "1, 2, 3..." and so on.

We were shopping one day, and my son was in the front of the shopping cart. We maneuvered around the crowds of people to get to the produce section and my son spotted the fruit and vegetable scales. Thinking they were clocks, he points very excitedly and starts screaming, "FUCK, FUCK, Mama. FUCK!" Being so used to him saying this for clock, and immediately knowing he was referring to the scales that he thought were clocks, I nodded enthusiastically and said, "That's right, man!" and I give him a high-five.

When I looked up, several people were staring at me and one older woman was looking at me as if I were the scum of the earth. It registered then that these people were seeing me vigorously encourage my 2 year-old to curse like a sailor. With burning and bright red cheeks, I turned to my son and began immediately correcting him...what I should have been doing all along. "CL-ock. CL-ock, Christopher."

With bright eyes and what was evidently a great desire to get it right, he said very slowly, "C-ock."

Del Monte Freeze and Eat Fruit Chillers ReviewTubes

It's very, very hot. There's nothing better (just ask my kids) than a yummy popsicle on a hot summer day. However, most popsicles are basically nothing but sugar. Sure, this is fine once in a while, but when your kids are like mine and bounce off the walls at 90MPH when they've had too much sugar, you start to look for alternatives.

When I spotted the Del Monte Freeze and Eat Fruit Chillers, I thought, hmmm. So I decided to buy them and try them out on *the* pickiest critics alive - my 2 lil muffins. Here's what we thought:

Price: The price is ok. You get 8 in a pack for around $1.99 - as opposed to probably 20 regular popsicles in a pack for the same price. My kids like to have these as 'after school' snacks, so I can almost make a whole week with one pack, or 2 bucks...BUT they never last this long! Ha!

Taste: I didn't just rely on my kids' for the taste test, because I enjoy a great popsicle now and again as well. ;-) In comparison with regular popsicles, the Del Monte Freeze and Eat Fruit Chillers win hands down! Whereas a normal popsicle tastes like frozen kool-aid, these taste like frozen fruit smoothies. We bought the Strawberry Snow Storm and they were very full-flavored and delicious.

Nutrition Comparison: The calories in a normal popsicle and the Fruit Chillers are about the same - around 50. However, the Fruit Chillers are actual frozen fruit sorbet, so you get some good vitamins in there as well. For instance, the Fruit Chillers have 25% Vitamin C, whereas popsicles have 0 Vitamin C.

The Fruit Chillers have 1g of dietary fiber, whereas the popsicles have 0. Popsicles have about 3g of Carbohydrates, while the Fruit Chillers have about 13g of Carbs. Also, the Fruit Chillers have about 50g of Potassium, while popsicles have 0.

We haven't tried the other flavors yet, but I can't wait. All in all, I love these and I think they're a great way to get in a bit of fruit instead of just a ton of sugar. The taste is definitely better than popsicles, and although the price is a little higher, I believe it's well worth it! I'd highly recommend these for your little ones...or even yourself!