Mar 24, 2010

(Pictures) How Freckles is Adjusting to His New Home

Several days ago, I posted about our new puppy Freckles and how important it is to support your local animal shelter. I thought you might like to know how he's getting along in his new home. A few days after being introduced to the rest of the family, his quiet and shy demeanor disappeared. He's a spunky, funky little pup who loves attention! One of his favorite things to do is dart around Cooper's (our 3 year old lab) head barking and growling like he's going to eat Cooper for dinner. I don't think Cooper believes him...

As you can see, there's quite a difference in size. It's hilarious to watch Cooper play with Freckles, because even though he tries to act tough, he moves very carefully and is gentle - as if he knows he could hurt that little pup pretty easily. Freckles has also found that he has a love for biting and chewing things. Even though we purchased little squeaky toys for him, he likes to find his own things to chew on...

He is very vocal and if he hasn't been held and loved on for a while, he has a way of letting you know! He whines when he's lonely, when he needs to 'go,' and when he yawns. He's also getting the hang of going outside to visit the bathroom - thanks to some super-soft bacon flavored treats. I think all those treats are making him chunky...

Ok, maybe not. When he's all tired out from running around and chewing anything he can get in his little mouth, he's ready to get settled for bed. He's definitely not a 'lone sleeper,' and will not get settled until he's curled up next to someone...

He hasn't actually SAID so, but I think he digs his new home and goodness knows he's been given tons of attention and love! Hope you enjoyed the update - leave me links of your furry babies, too!

Mar 23, 2010

Eco-Luxury + Win a Sandy Shore Glass Bead Bracelet (CLOSED)

I'd like to take a few moments to talk to you about something that means a lot to me. The Green Connoisseur is a company that my partners and I have been proud to be affiliated with. Highlighting eco-friendly luxury - from organic pet-pampering products to eco-friendly jewelry to energy saving luxury cars - the company makes it super easy to keep up to date with the newest and trendiest in eco-luxury items.You can visit the site and check out some really fabulous items - highlighted by my partners and myself in feature articles. I'd love to hear what you guys think of the site and what you might like to see there. They've recently started a Facebook page and Twitter account to make it easier to get great information and tips on green and eco-friendly related companies and items. Because I believe in this company so much, I'm offering a super-fantastic giveaway to help promote the Facebook and Twitter pages.
The Giveaway:

When I have time, I really love making jewelry. This giveaway will give one of you the chance to win my very favorite handmade item - ever. The Sandy Shore Glass Bead bracelet is without a doubt my favorite and I'm not even sure why. It's a memory wire bracelet, so you just wrap it around your wrist and you're good to go.

Plus - this will look fabulous with absolutely any outfit! It looks to me like sea glass collected during a romantic walk and saved - later to be added to jewelry as a memento. Maybe I'm just a romantic at heart. In any's soon to belong to one of you!

How to Enter: Visit the Green Connoisseur's Facebook page and become a fan. Leave a message on the wall telling them 2 Lil Muffins sent you!

Extra Entries:

  • Refer The Green Connoisseur to your Twitter followers (leave a comment with a link to the tweet) (2 extra entries - can be done daily.)

That's it! As you can see, this is a very special giveaway. It will end on April 3, 2010 and the winner will be chosen by Don't forget to leave your email address if it's not public in your profile and leave a comment for each entry. Tell your friends about this post too, please! Good luck everyone.

I just wanted to make sure it was clear that the bracelet isn't made by The Green Connoisseur, but by me. The giveaway is hosted by me to help promote The Green Connoisseur - an eco-friendly luxury site. Check it out at - I think you'll like it!

Mar 21, 2010

Pearl Flower Asymmetrical Necklace Giveaway (CLOSED)

When I saw Beads Story on Etsy - I absolutely fell in love. Every single piece of jewelry is beautiful and unique. In fact, it would be difficult to choose a piece of jewelry from their shop that isn't 'my style.' The owner, Anca, generously allowed me to choose an item for a giveaway...and it was so hard! I think you'll find that I didn't let you guys down though. But first, let's find out a little more about the shop.

I'm completely enamored with the bracelets. There are so many beautiful ones - and they're very different from what you see everywhere - which is what I love so much! The above one is absolutely darling. Of course, while there are a ton of gorgeous bracelets, there are other pretties too...The shop bio sums it up perfectly - "I love Jewelery." So do we, right, ladies? And one of you lucky 2 Lil Muffins readers is going to get the chance to win a beautiful piece of jewelry from Beads Story's shop.

Stunning and rich, elegant and luxurious, this pearl necklace features a unique flower.

This is a very beautiful, natural and romantic design featuring a antique brass filigree covered with pearls.Six 6 mm ivory glass pearls and one 8 mm ivory glass pearl designed in a flower shape will accentuate the beauty of this necklace. This special pendant is continued with 8 mm ivory pearls. It measures 18'' long with a 2'' extender.

  • How to Enter: Visit Beads Story on Etsy and browse through the amazing jewelry. Let me know in a comment which one is your absolute favorite!

Extra Entries:

  • Purchase an item from the shop and let me know what you purchased. (10 extra entries)
  • Follow this blog publicly. (1 extra entry)
  • Subscribe to 2 Lil Muffins via email. (1 extra entry)
This giveaway will end March 28, 2010 at 8pm EST and the winner will be chosen with Please remember to leave your email address if it's not public in your profile. Also, leave a comment for each entry so they count when the winner is generated. Good luck, ladies!!