Feb 18, 2010

Review of Tickled Tutu on Etsy

Not too long ago, I was lucky enough to win a tutu from Tickled Tutu on Etsy and was so excited because my daughter loves prancing around in different costumes and outfits. In fact, for her last birthday, she got a huge armoire full of dress-up clothes. (Click on links to see pics.)

Anyway, Kristen, the owner of Tickled Tutu, was so nice. She sent the tutu out quickly after finding out the correct size, and my daughter was THRILLED. Not only did Kristen send a huge, full and beautiful tutu, but there was a gorgeous matching bow. I was also really glad to see that Kristen sent instructions for keeping the tutu wrinkle-free and cleaning it, since the tulle shouldn't be washed and dried in the regular fashion.

That's my little one above, being Miss Priss! Well, wouldn't you know...not long after she got the tutu (and because she refused to take it off), she dropped a big glob of chocolate pudding right on it. Remembering Kristen's instructions, I just spot cleaned it with a towel and the pudding came right off with no problem. She was also absolutely right about using the Downy Wrinkle Release and hanging the tutu in the bathroom during a shower - both worked.

My daughter is in love with this tutu, and wears it religiously when she wants to dance around and feel pretty. It's just precious! There are tons of other great items in the Tickled Tutu shop as well...

I love that she has matching outfits - isn't this one just gorgeous? Kristen is so talented, and she manages to create these gorgeous things even though she's a stay at home mommy of a little boy!

She even makes the little slippers - and there are bows, accessories, and tons of other great goodies available at her shop. I would highly recommend the Tickled Tutu to anyone who has a little princess at home, or who needs a gift for a special little girl in their life. Kristen even sent me a great coupon with the tutu!

Head over to her shop and heart it or pick up a great gift for the special little one in your life and let her know that 2 Lil Muffins sent you. Thanks goes out to Champagne Wisdom for the shot at winning, too!

Crystal Light Hunger Satisfaction vs Kellogg's Special K20 Protein Water

I am a big fan of sweet tea, and occasionally like Coke or Dr. Pepper, but I cannot stand water. Knowing that I need it, I try to drink as many glasses a day as possible, but when enough is enough, I use Crystal Light. It gives me a refreshing drink without all the calories and sugar that sweet tea and sodas have. Recently, I tried the Crystal Light Hunger Satisfaction Strawberry Banana and then when I saw the Kellogg's Special K20 Protein Water, I knew I had to compare the two. So, here goes...

Crystal Light Hunger Satisfaction Strawberry Banana

This drink mix works just like the others - it comes in individual packets that are designed to be mixed into a 20 ounce bottle of water - or just a little less.

The difference is that this mix has 5g of fiber and 3g of protein and it's designed to help you feel fuller for a longer period of time. This can help you avoid those urges to snack and could possibly help you succeed in a weight loss plan. There are 30 calories in one drink, and 0 fat.

The first thing I noticed is that like most Crystal Light drinks, it's ground very fine so it mixes almost instantly into the water, and dissolved completely. The drink is a slight bit thicker than the regular crystal light, so you actually feel like you're putting something into your stomach. For me, it really did make me feel fuller than just a regular crystal light drink. Plus, I really love the flavor of the strawberry banana. The drink was an instant hit with me!

You can take this anywhere and when you start to feel a craving that would ordinarily send you looking for the candy bar aisle, you can just mix up a bottle of this. It's excellent when it's chilled, and is so refreshing! I absolutely love this drink.

Kellogg's Special K20 Protein Water Pink Lemonade

This drink mix works just like the crystal light - it's to be mixed into a 16.9 ounce bottle of water, but a 20 ounce bottle works too, it just makes a bit lighter flavor. It has 5g of protein and 5g of fiber, and 30 calories. So, compared to the Crystal Light, it's about the same as far as nutrition, but has a bit more protein in it.

The first thing I noticed about this one was that it didn't completely mix into the water, so I had little 'grains' floating on top of the water, which put me off a little. I prefer the way that the Crystal Light mixed perfectly into the water and dissolved completely. That's not such a big deal, though. The flavor of the pink lemonade is good, with a bit of a strange after-taste. Maybe that's a little unfair, since I really love the strawberry banana flavor of Crystal Light and don't typically drink Pink Lemonade a lot. Kellogg's Special K20 Protein Water also comes in Strawberry Kiwi, which I'm going to try if I can get past the grainy pieces floating on top.

Aside from all that, the flavor was good and like the Crystal Light, it does feel like you're putting something into your stomach and holds off the cravings.

Other Differences and Similarities:

The Crystal Light only contains 20mg of sodium while the Kellogg's contains 40mg. They both have 6g of carbs, and they're both excellent substitutes for sodas, tea or other coffees with a lot of sugar and empty calories. All in all though, I'd choose the Crystal Light over the Kellogg's. The flavor was more appealing to me, and I keep coming back to the way they dissolved...and I prefer the Crystal Light!

Have any of you tried these? What did you think? Let me know!

Feb 17, 2010

Rosebud Lips Ethereal Beauty Headband Winner

Oh my goodness...another winner. This one is for the Rosebud Lips headband...

Winning Comment:

Ashley said... 19

I really like the passionate pink headband. I pretty much wear pink everyday!


Congratulations Ashley - I've sent you an email and you'll have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be generated. Many, many more giveaways coming soon so don't go anywhere - and thanks so much to Rosebud Lips for sponsoring this giveaway. Her stuff is beautiful - show her some love, guys!

Feb 16, 2010

Steampunk Trunk Customized Vintage Typewriter Key Necklace Winner

Alrighty...we have another winner. This is for the customized typewriter key necklace from Steampunk Trunk.
The winning comment:

The Snob said... 22

i hearted your store :)
swapper13 at hotmail

Congratulations! The winner has been emailed and has 48 hours to respond or another winner will be generated. Thank you to the Steampunk Trunk for sponsoring this giveaway and you can be sure that more giveaways will be posted very soon - so stay tuned!!

Feb 15, 2010

Etsy Spotlight: Elegant Hobbies

I'm past due for another great Etsy Spotlight, but I've found a wonderful shop that I definitely think needs highlighting. This shop specializes in cozy, lovable and huggable little...monkeys! Introducing Elegant Hobbies and their fun, creative sock monkeys...

Isn't this little guy adorable? This is the perfect gift for a little boy or girl who needs something to cuddle while they go on the daily adventures of an imaginative child. This one isn't made with any plastic or metal pieces, although it's important to be sure it's safe for your particular child, of course.

The seller is a fabulously talented mommy of 2 from Louisiana - so we're neighbors! What I love most about these adorable monkeys is that each one seems to have their own personality! Check out the little scarf and matching hat this purple one is wearing - she seems to be very fashion conscious!

The great thing about Elegant Hobbies is that their prices are great. Most of the monkeys in the shop are around $22, which isn't bad for a durable and adorable friend that your child can carry around for a very long time. Some are even less expensive. Another of my favorite things...

The Party Monkey!! I think this is a genius idea. You can order a pack of 'blank' sock monkeys that are ready to receive their own personalities and decorations. Isn't this the perfect idea for a sleepover craft or birthday party activity? Little girls and little boys would have such a great time making their monkeys their own!

I just love this shop, and think the monkeys are so cute. Visit the shop and check out all the other great and cozy friends available for sale - and let them know 2 Lil Muffins sent you if you make a purchase!

I was not compensated in any way for this post and have simply stated my opinions without having actually used the products above and as a way to highlight the shop and seller's products.

GirlzLyfe.com $25 Gift Certificate Winner

So.....it's that time again. We have a winner for the GirlzLyfe.com gift certificate!! Let's take a look:
The winning comment:

Sarah said... 140

I follow with Google.


Congratulations, Sarah!! Sarah has been emailed and has 48 hours to respond or I'll generate a new winner. Don't feel bad if you missed out on this one - you can jump right over to the Girlz Lyfe blog and get another chance to win a $25 gift certificate, which they're giving away now. You have until February 20th to win!