Feb 18, 2010

Review of Tickled Tutu on Etsy

Not too long ago, I was lucky enough to win a tutu from Tickled Tutu on Etsy and was so excited because my daughter loves prancing around in different costumes and outfits. In fact, for her last birthday, she got a huge armoire full of dress-up clothes. (Click on links to see pics.)

Anyway, Kristen, the owner of Tickled Tutu, was so nice. She sent the tutu out quickly after finding out the correct size, and my daughter was THRILLED. Not only did Kristen send a huge, full and beautiful tutu, but there was a gorgeous matching bow. I was also really glad to see that Kristen sent instructions for keeping the tutu wrinkle-free and cleaning it, since the tulle shouldn't be washed and dried in the regular fashion.

That's my little one above, being Miss Priss! Well, wouldn't you know...not long after she got the tutu (and because she refused to take it off), she dropped a big glob of chocolate pudding right on it. Remembering Kristen's instructions, I just spot cleaned it with a towel and the pudding came right off with no problem. She was also absolutely right about using the Downy Wrinkle Release and hanging the tutu in the bathroom during a shower - both worked.

My daughter is in love with this tutu, and wears it religiously when she wants to dance around and feel pretty. It's just precious! There are tons of other great items in the Tickled Tutu shop as well...

I love that she has matching outfits - isn't this one just gorgeous? Kristen is so talented, and she manages to create these gorgeous things even though she's a stay at home mommy of a little boy!

She even makes the little slippers - and there are bows, accessories, and tons of other great goodies available at her shop. I would highly recommend the Tickled Tutu to anyone who has a little princess at home, or who needs a gift for a special little girl in their life. Kristen even sent me a great coupon with the tutu!

Head over to her shop and heart it or pick up a great gift for the special little one in your life and let her know that 2 Lil Muffins sent you. Thanks goes out to Champagne Wisdom for the shot at winning, too!


  1. Thank you so very much for the wonderful blog write-up. It actually made me cry. I really appreciate you and your kind words--they mean more to me than I can even express! Thank you so much. Sincerely, Kristen Mentasti

  2. Awe Kristen - you're so welcome! It was a pleasure. :-)

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