Feb 12, 2010

Review of EZ Combs (As Seen on TV)

So I NEVER buy anything that I see on infomercials, because I can't hold it in my hands and look it over before I pay for it. I had seen the EZ Combs commercials and really thought they were cute and looked easy to use, but still didn't buy them. When I saw them at a local store, I thought hmmmm. Well, I went ahead and bought them.

I have to admit - they're really cute! That's what attracted me to them in the first place. It seemed like a quick way to pin up your hair without using a pony tail or clippie and it looked elegant and pretty. They're also really easy to put into your hair by yourself. Also, they look really great at first - creating the different styles is easy and I really like the way the beads look in the hair.

The problem? Within 10 minutes, they come out of my hair. I even referred to the handy little step-by-step styling guide that came with the combs. They hold for a little while and then one side slips out and my hair goes tumbling down. Maybe my hair is too thick for them? But the guide does say:

"Best of all, EZ Combs work on any hair type...thin, thick, curly or straight."

Well, they don't work on my hair! I'm pretty disappointed because I really do think they're cute and a good idea, but I'm really unhappy with the way they hold. I DEFINITELY need something that is going to hold my hair for more than 15 minutes at a time. What a shame! Have any of you tried these? Were you happy with the performance? As for me...

I did notice as I looked up other reviews that they have a similar product called HairZing. Has anyone had any experiences with this product? If so, let me know how you liked it.


  1. I have very fine hair and I have never had a problem with them falling out. In fact, sometimes they are too tight for me! I end up getting a headache if I have to wear them too long.

  2. I read elsewhere that others have experienced that too - the headache. I guess it's like a tight ponytail. Mine wouldn't stay long enough to tell whether it would have given me a headache or not.