Feb 9, 2010

Best and Worst Valentine's Gifts Ever + Valentine's Day Movie

To celebrate Valentine's Day - both the movie and the holiday, Ashton Kutcher and more of the all-start cast of the movie have created a little YouTube campaign. It's a fun way to help people stay away from the bad Valentine's gifts and go for the good ones. Basically, they're going to compile a list of the worst and best Valentine's gifts ever, but they want you to help.

You're supposed to upload a video with a brief explanation of your best or worst Valentine's Day gift story, and tag it #VDAYGIFT so it can be easily found. Videos can be uploaded until February 19th, and then they'll compile a list of the top 100 best and worst gifts of all time. Your video may even be featured on the Valentine's Day movie official channel.

If you think this is something fun you'd like to participate in, you can learn more by watching Ashton's video here: http://www.youtube.com/valentinesdaymovie

Photo Credit: http://www.valentinesdaymovie.com/


  1. That is a cute idea. I have never gotten a bad gift though. My Husband usually forgets valentines day and I get nothing :( I guess that could be a bad gift!!!!

  2. That'd be fun.. if I ever got a valentines day gift :/

  3. Ladies...post-it notes may work. Start a week or two before Valentine's Day. haha!

  4. I would so totally enter this, if i have ever recieve anything on valentine days that is! lol