Jan 12, 2010

Why Etsy Folks are the Nicest on Earth + Thank You, Followers!

So...this blog is brand spankin' new - hot muffins right out of the oven, baby. I am having a ball with it. Naturally, I've been working my rear off to line up sponsors for fabulous giveaways. I love Etsy so much and there are so many amazing products on there, that it's one of the first places I went. I'm still going there, so don't worry - but I've been approaching other potential sponsors, too.

Etsy sellers are so much more willing to do a giveaway than the others that I've approached. Why is that? Are they the nicest people on earth? Is it because I'm talking directly to the person who put their hard work, creativity and love into the products rather than a customer service rep hired to 'deal' with customers? In any case, I really appreciate the sponsors we have on 2 Lil Muffins so far - they have been absolutely LOVELY! Let's give them a round of applause:

InseineCreations - FABULOUS hand-crafted, healthy soap!
Amlowi - Gorgeous crocheted creations of all kinds!
MAEandMe - Beautiful hair accessories for girly girls!

Also - readers - you guys have been amazing. We've been up and going for about a week now and we're getting so many visits a day it's making my head spin. Thanks so much for your tweets, your facebook posts, and for telling your friends and families about 2 Lil Muffins. I'm working on getting some ultra-cool items for you to win in the VERY near future, so please keep coming back!


  1. Yes, I agree, the personal nature of Etsy makes us so great to work with. I really love the community spirit.

  2. Oh yeah. I have a great respect for Etsy and their creative minds. I no longer buy jewelry at a department store - I am strictly an Etsy fan. So much creativity, personaility and style!