Dec 10, 2010

My Unique Christmas Ornaments

Some of you may have noticed that I've been MIA lately and for that, I apologize. My fiance and I have recently been entrusted with the care of two little ones, a boy age 4 and a girl age 3. We received these little angels a bit unexpectedly and as you can imagine, it was quite an adjustment. Although my 7 and 9 year old have been very helpful, I have forgotten just how much work the little, little ones can be!

That said, I hope everyone is having a fantastic time decorating, holiday shopping, and making Santa lists. This is my FAVORITE time of year (not favorite weather, but what is Christmas without that freezing wind that threatens to rip the skin right off your bones?) fact, my sister says that during the holidays, the 'elf' comes out in me. It's true...I have the Christmas spirit.

One of my favorite family traditions is ornament gifts. Each year, the kids get a special ornament from Mom and Dad, and Mom and Dad give each other a special ornament as well. Aside from that, if I see a unique ornament, I HAVE to snatch it up. I have a bit of an unnatural obsession with ornaments, especially if they are different than the typical Christmas ornament. I thought it would be fun to show you some of the ones I've collected over the years.

Just after Hurricane Katrina, a couple in Key Largo sent my family a Christmas 'love' package, and this ornament was in the box. I was in love with it immediately and it has been on my tree every year since.

I have a bit of a thing for peacocks, and I saw this lady online and HAD to have her.

Another peacock that I couldn't resist.

I saw this ship ornament at a local boutique store and we made eye was love at first sight.

This little Santa was at Michael's when I was shopping for crafts. It was so glittery; it beckoned to me from across the store. Look at Santa's sweet little face!

I LOVE Christmas ornaments! And here is how they all look on my tree, complete with the TRILLION-feet paper chain the kids and I made last year:

So, what does your tree look like? Do you have a hodgepodge of different ornaments like I do or is your tree themed with precise colors and types of ornaments?


  1. I love your ornaments, but I'm a precise color type of girl. Hope you can stop by Mother 2 Mother:

  2. OMG! I love your unique ornaments!’ve been tagged!

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