Aug 27, 2010

Little Handfuls: Can You Handle the Cute?

Recently, I won a giveaway hosted by a woman named Liza Adams. The giveaway was for a beautiful little bear named Peaches. I was instantly in love...

I should tell you that I have a bit of a thing for bears. Before Hurricane Katrina, I collected tiny bear figurines - little bears wearing Halloween costumes, daddy and mommy bears, Valentine's bears...I had a ton of them. After the collection was demolished, I never really picked it back up again, but after discovering Little Handfuls, I think I may have to start all over again.

About the Artist:

Liza Adams is a mommy of 3 from New Zealand, and began needle felting about 6 years ago when she purchased a kit from a local craft show. I think it's safe to say she found her calling, because her bears are absolutely precious!

Now, I won't even pretend to know how needle felting works, but I think these bears have a distinct look that makes them so much cuter than the majority of 'teddy bears.' In addition to that, Liza manages to give every single one of her bears a different personality...

This is Cinnamon. Doesn't she look like she's waiting patiently for you to join her tea party? I love those eyes, with so much personality and sweetness.

Meet Bella and Buddy. I absolutely adore that little hat and those big feet! Buddy is probably one of my favorites...he's just so darn cute. He definitely demands an "awwww!"

This is Pippin. What beautiful colors! And I love that nose.

This is Abner. Look at the expression on his beautiful face! Am I the only one turning all mushy and gushy from the absolute cute-ness of these bears? Well, if you want to see more, you can visit Little Handfuls on Flickr, and you really should because you have no idea how hard it was to choose which bears to post here - they're all so darn adorable.

Also, if you want to start your own collection of these sweet and charming babies, visit Little Handfuls on Etsy.

Question: Do any of you collect anything, and if so, what?

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  1. Awwww shucks Samantha! I'm all blushing and giggly! Thanks so much for your lovely write up on my work! I didn't realise you were a collector, kinda wishing I hadn't posted Peaches already as I have lots of other bears you may be interested in, including little Buddy who is still visiting with me!
    You are right, this is my passion, I have never enjoyed any craft as much as I do this one. If you ever have a hankering for something new just let me know! Huggles, Liza